Quality people. Quality technology.

In order to provide our customers with up-to-date data, we have several IT solutions to offer. We provide our customers with real-time access to delivery status, inventory levels and order status. We are constantly improving these online reports to provide the tools and information our customers need and to keep up with new trends and merchant requirements.

Utilizing CDEC Inc. technology services provide numerous benefits.

Efficient inventory management

Using barcode scanning capability, we are packing your goods in the most efficient way through our WMS.

Real-time inventory tracking

We continue to develop tools for our warehouse and inventory management needs. Using barcode scanning capability, we pack your goods in the best and most efficient way possible.

We speak your language

We can interface with most available systems. Using our FTP server to communicate with your system, we import with Excel or XML formats and return them the same way. We also design standard EDI communication forms like 945, 950, etc.

EDI communication ready

We are EDI communication ready. We are also capable in making almost any kind of labels such as, Forzani price tags, UCC 128, UPC and EAN, any free text bar codes and more.

Our experience staff, is familiar with many various software programs, AS/4oo, SAP, Peach Tree, Avantage, Shopify, Acomba, CommerceHub et SPS.