Cross Docking, Receiving and Warehouse Management

Warehousing is key to fulfilling orders on an accurate and timely basis. Storing goods safely and efficiently is central to running a profitable business.

CDEC Inc., your dependable partner for high-quality pick warehouse services, offers unparalleled efficiency. Our team of experts guarantees a smooth, seamless and fast logistics picking process. We offer premium service with advanced pick-pack solutions and secure warehousing storage. Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the utmost safety and easy access whenever needed.

Rely on CDEC Inc. for efficient delivery and transportation services. We ensure the quick and safe delivery of goods with our all-encompassing logistic solutions.

What are Picking Services?

Picking services select items from an identified location where they are either delivered or further treated. Picking services are well-known in the e-commerce and logistics sectors to optimize order fulfillment.

How Does Picking Work?

As part of the Order Fulfillment process, order picking involves selecting products from a shelf or location based on specific order details to ensure prompt and accurate delivery.

The advantages of our outsourced warehouse management services are:

Hassle free warehouse receiving

Hassle free warehouse receiving

Don’t waste time receiving and tracking your incoming shipments yourself. Your products are unloaded, inspected for damage & hand-counted.

Track inventory in real time

Track inventory in real time

Controlling your inventory with our system, we can give you any possible update and status of your merchandise. We track lot numbers and expiration dates if required.

storage space

480,000 square feet storage space

We have a spacious 480,000 square feet of state-of-the art storage warehouse to maintain and organize your inventory for your growing business. We also can provide individual warehouse space tailored to the client’s products and packaging.

Experience warehousing staff

Experienced and well-trained staff

Our experience staff, is familiar with many various software programs, AS/4oo, SAP, Peach Tree, Avantage, Shopify, Acomba, CommerceHub and SPS.

Clean, secure and fully equipped

Clean, secure and fully equipped

We place a high value on cleanliness in our facilities to guarantee that your items are kept in a sanitary setting. We ensure the safety and integrity of your inventory with cutting-edge machinery and strong security procedures.