About us

More than 30 years of experience

Founded in Canada over 30 years ago, CDEC Inc. offers specialized services to its clients. Through our growth, we have met the needs of our customers and been able to adapt to new business realities. Since late 2022, CDEC Inc. has been acquired by Usman Shaikh of Evolution Group.

Flexible and personable customer service

We are a quality partner with deep experience in various industries. We pride ourselves on offering our customers flexible and customizable customer service and warehousing options that include an integrated solution for storage, warehousing, order management and fulfillment. We adapt to your realities and your needs!

Value-added solutions

Our employees work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with personalized solutions. These solutions save our customers time and money thereby enhancing the productivity and profitability of their operations.

Contact us for additional details

If you are in the process of reevaluating your fulfillment needs, or a new company looking for a dedicated partner take the time to reach out to us! We are here to help you.