The shipping service for eCommerce allows you to focus on your core business. By providing better service to your customers, you stay competitive in any type of e-commerce business.

Easily combine our e-commerce fulfillment services with your online business. Take advantage of our committed e-commerce warehouse and e-commerce logistics knowledge for quick order fulfillment and delivery.

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Tailor-made options

Because no two companies are the same, we work with our clients to offer services that reflect their image. Whether it’s gift wrapping, thank you cards, or labeling, we will do what is necessary to ensure that each package is treated with care and in the image of your brand.

Examine specialized logistics options made to fit your requirements. We provide extensive 3PL warehousing and distribution solutions in addition to pick-and-pack warehouse services, making us one of the leading logistics companies in southern Quebec.

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Retail Vendor Requirements | CDEC INC

Retail Vendor Requirements (FGL, Sporting Life, SportChek)

We are your go-to third-party logistics company that offers specialized services to meet the specific demands of retail vendors, from tagging and retailer standards compliance to ensure seamless integration into their supply chains.

Pick Services | CDEC INC

Pick Services

With the impeccable pick services offered by CDEC Inc., you can streamline your logistics while we handle everything from order picking to safe packing for a smooth delivery, efficiently connected with leading e-commerce platforms.

Kitting, Labeling & Packing | CDEC INC

Kitting, Labeling & Packing

With CDEC Inc.’s labeling, packing, and kitting services, you can easily increase supply chain efficiency. We provide tailored solutions for product assembly, branding, and packaging that are tailored to your unique needs.

Cross-Docking or Destuffing | CDEC INC

Cross-Docking or Destuffing

By moving items straight from incoming to outgoing shipments, cross-docking or de-stuffing services can expedite your distribution process and reduce handling and storage time. Warehousing services offered by CDEC Inc. are perfect for expedited shipping and maximizing the effectiveness of logistics.

Courier & LTL Rate Shopping | CDEC INC

Courier & LTL Rate Shopping

With CDEC Inc.’s courier and LTL rate shopping services, you can maximize your cost-effectiveness by minimizing transit times and optimizing shipping costs by utilizing real-time rate comparisons and strategic planning.

Warehouses and Standby Services | CDEC INC

Warehouses and Standby Services

With carefully chosen warehouse locations and bonded warehouse facilities, CDEC Inc. offers various choices for warehousing in Cowansville and standby services that guarantee seamless inventory management and distribution.

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