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Multiple locations

United States and Canada allow for timely and lower cost shipping.

With USA and Canadian facilities located within one hour from each other we can handle all your ware-housing needs and transfer materials within a day. Combined, we offer 550,000 SQ.FT. of heated, warehouse space. We also can provide individual warehouse space tailored to the client’s products and packaging.

CDEC Inc. Main Building

800 Rue Sud.
Cowansville, Quebec
Canada J2K 2Y3
300,000 sq ft.
Tel: 450-263-8813
Fax: 450-263-9492

CDEC Inc. 2nd Building

177 Miner Street.
Cowansville, Quebec
Canada J2K 3Y5
180,000 sq. ft.
Tel: 450-263-2366

CROSSDEC USA Inc. 3rd Building

148 A Bryce Blvd.
Arrowhead Industrial Park
Georgia, Vermont USA 05464
75,000 sq. ft.
Tel: 802-524-6950
Fax: 802-524-6739

Lynda Baxter

Christine McLean
Sales & Marketing Support