CDEC Inc. warehouses can handle any of your fulfillment and distribution needs.

Warehouses are designed specifically to be full-service distribution centers that can handle both warehousing and fulfillment under one roof.

Utilizing CDEC Inc. fulfillment warehouses provide numerous benefits.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Order processing

CDEC Inc. can process your orders from start to finish or you can send us your ready-to-ship orders by email, file transfer, web services or electronic services.

Pick, Pack & Ship Service

We process the order, pull product from shelves, securely packaging it, assign the appropriate carrier for customer delivery and dispatch it to your customer. As the client, you are given the opportunity to personalize your fulfillment options in order to best serve your customers.

Track & Trace

We provide you with daily shipment information via email, file transfer or FTP. These include: shipping confirmation, freight costs, and carrier and tracking number. We may also provide this information to your customers.

Returns processing

Reduce overhead costs

Fulfillment warehouse centers reduce your overhead costs and focus on growing your business by outsourcing your order processing to CDEC Inc.

Focus on sales and marketing

Our fulfillment centers make your operations more scalable and allow you to focus your efforts on sales and marketing.